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Case for Credobaptism: 10 Reasons Why I Reject Infant Baptism” — Ben Booth

Book Reviews

Review of ‘Absolutely Free’ by Zane Hodges” — Ben Booth


What Calvinists Believe, and What We Do Not” — Jason Hinrichs
A Letter to the New Calvinist” — Jason Hinrichs

Church Trends

7 Encouraging Trends in the Millennial Church” — Jason Hinrichs


The Church Series: The Nature of the Church” — Jason Hinrichs
The Church Series: Entering Into Covenant” — Jason Hinrichs

False Teaching

We Stopped Listening to Rob Bell A Long Time Ago” — Jason Hinrichs


Politics, Church, and the Christian” — Jason Hinrichs


An Introduction to Philosophy” — Aaron Speer


Sola Fide” — Ben Booth
Sola Gratia” — Ben Booth
Sola Scriptura” — Ben Booth
Soli Deo Gloria” — Ben Booth
Solus Christus” — Ben Booth
Why Do We Celebrate Reformation Day?” — Jason Hinrichs


The Gospel: A Call to Follow and Obey” — Ben Booth

Spiritual Gifts

Lifeway, Heaven is For Real, and Revelation” — Jason Hinrichs


The Cast Down Soul” — Aaron Speer
Count It All Joy” — Jason Hinrichs


Elizabeth Walsh / Newsie
Joshua Del Rio / Hobbes
Natalie Webb / Primrose

Visitors at The Village Church

Russell Moore at The Village Church” — Jason Hinrichs
Sam Allberry at The Village Church” — Jason Hinrichs


Reverent or Relaxed: How Do We Approach the Throne of God in Corporate Worship?” — Jason Hinrichs
Thoughts on Worship, The Chief End of Man” — Jason Hinrichs