Sam Allberry at The Village Church

Sam Allbery, pastor and contributor to, a resource for Christians that struggle with same-sex attraction

Quite possibly the most controversial topics in America distancing the Church and culture today are racism (namely the oppression of minorities), the sanctity of human life, and the issue of same-sex marriage and attraction. This weekend, pastor Sam Allberry from England will be teaching at The Village Church campuses in the DFW area. Sam Allberry is best known for his book, Is God anti-gay? In this work, Sam Allberry discusses the questions pertaining to homosexuality, the Bible, and same-sex attraction.

Allberry speaks not just as a Biblical scholar, but as one who personally struggles with same-sex attraction, and is a contributor at, a resource for those struggling alongside him and other brothers and sisters. He offers a Biblical yet compassionate approach to those with this struggle, but does not compromise the Bible’s clear stance on the issue. This is much unlike the perspective offered by Matthew Vines in God and the Gay Christian, where Vines plays exegetical games with Scripture.

As Sam Allberry would argue from Biblical exposition, the Christian is called to be infinitely uncompromising in the view of Scripture on this issue, but also infinitely compassionate in view of God’s grace shed upon not just them, but their repentant brothers and sisters who struggle differently.

Sam Allberry will be preaching at all services at The Village Church campuses, held on Saturday night and Sunday all day. To see what location is nearest to you, go to The Village Church’s website. If you cannot attend a service on the weekend, video and audio podcasts of the message are usually available the following Tuesday.


Next Wednesday, April 15th, the Is God Anti-Gay forum held by Sam Allberry will be live at the Flower Mound campus, and live-streamed to the Dallas Northway, Denton, Fort Worth, and Plano campuses from 7-9pm CST. If you can not make it to the training forum, the event will also be live-streamed online.

Recommended Resources:

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10 Ways to Love Your Transgender Neighbor” by Denny Burk, ERLC
A Panel on Homosexuality and the Church” by Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition
Pastor Sam Allberry’s testimony at

Jason Hinrichs


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